The Cyber Security Awareness Month

20 October 2021 by
The Cyber Security Awareness Month

AN ENTIRE MONTH DEDICATED TO CYBERSECURITY. Now that’s a topic worthy of a holiday!

The future looks a bit scary; with so much of our information online, cyber security is becoming a global and national security concern. Fortunately, we are hoping to create a community of cyber security awareness and going forward, it will be important for us to empower and drive information on cyber security.

The frequency of cyber security crimes is increasing in Kenya. In the past, Kenya was not a target for cyber criminals but global connectivity means that Kenya is now part of the global cyber environment and therefore it is in as much a risk as anywhere else hence the need for people themselves to understand the concepts and principles behind information security.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Cyber Security Awareness Month was created by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance in October of 2004. It was launched in an effort to help Americans to be safe in the rapidly growing Internet.

The Purpose of Cyber Security Month

Approximately 594 million people are affected globally by cybercrimes each year, according to the Center for Internet Security. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a month long awareness campaign held in October to raise awareness about cybersecurity practices and communicate the importance of making efforts to prevent cyber crimes. It is a global campaign to protect people from cyber threats that could have significant impact on their privacy and safety.

Why Cyber Security Awareness Month is Important in Kenya

There’s a growing importance in Kenya as well, as our lives have become increasingly digitized, and unfortunately, a lack of understanding by Kenyans about the kind of information that hackers actually want has led to financial crime, reputational damage and intellectual property theft in the country. Majority of Kenyan users are not aware of what could happen or when an attack is coming, which makes them the weakest link that undermines all of the investments that an organization may have made in their technology.

ANQAD's Participation in Cybersecurity Awareness Month

ANQAD Systems Limited is joining this October to become one of many industry participants who are taking this month to educate our Kenyan community on the importance of cyber security. This campaign is an opportunity for ANQAD to remind and educate everyone on their role to play in staying secure.

This October, we will be participating in Cyber Security Awareness Month in a big way. Throughout the month, we will be giving you integral tips on how to build up your personal and business cyber security on all our social platforms. Each one of these tips will bring you new avenues for protecting yourself and your company online and will help you build a fortress of digital protections around yourself. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all individuals and organizations, the tips can help to open your eyes to the danger of cybercrime and the solutions that can be tailored to your personal and organization’s needs. 

Speak With ANQAD Systems Ltd About Cybersecurity Awareness

This October, businesses can recognize National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by doing their part to prepare their employees to take on cyber threats and implement the necessary processes to keep confidential information and systems safe and secure. Working with an experienced strategic IT firm like ANQAD can help companies identify their vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. To learn more or to request a consultation, contact us today. 


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